Winter Social Media Network

In an effort to connect more with our fans and followers, we’ve created a special team of artists to bring you exclusive content from our development process at Al Winter Pictures! We encourage everyone to engage with our artists and follow our journey in the animation process!

Some Of Our International Team of Artists

Our company has been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented artists, voice actors, musicians and animators from all over the world; joining us with experience from working with the industry's most revered institutions including Walt Disney Animation, Nickelodeon Studios and Dream works Animation. As a web based animations studio, we have sought to diversify our team and bring together talents and visions from all walks of life!

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Bill Russell - voice actor

Bill has been acting, narrating, voicing for animation shorts and video games since the early 2000’s when he was awarded his first character sound-alike, “Jimmy the Gourd” for Veggie Tales, “A Very Veggie Christmas” in 2001. Bill co-starred opposite Jonathan Jackson in Season 4 of the TV series "Nashville", where he played Brian, a jingle producer. As a narrator, he was awarded the job to voice four books for the author Sarah Young (Best Selling author of Jesus Calling). His voice can be heard in video games such as “Heroes of Neweth” as “Mr. Wildfire” and a new game not yet released in the U.S. called “BrawlStars” as the character “Bull”. Bill voiced eight characters for a short stop-motion animation film that was selected as top feature for the Northwest Animation Film Festival called, “The Hair Hungry Heaver”. As well as producing his first five song EP in 2014 called “I See Dinosaurs With My Eyes Closed”, narrating over 130 children’s books, as well as written and published two books with Children’s website,, he is always seeking to study and improve what he loves. Entertaining.


Jackie williams - character designer

Jackie Williams is an experienced artist who has worked with several high level animation studios and specializes in illustrating characters. More recently, she has been working exclusively on the main characters in Al Winter's the Clockwork King.


Jonathan Altenmüller - musician

I started composing in 2012. After many experiments in different music genres I have found that cinematic music is definitely my favorite. Now, I always produce music with the goal to get more experience and knowledge to improve the quality of my craft with every track!


Maria mafalda fernando - character designer/concept artist

I'm a UK-based generalist with a Computer Science BSc from University of Coimbra and a 3D Computer Animation MA from Bournemouth University, under the NCCA.


oliver allen - concept artist/story boarder

Hi-O! My name is Oliver Allen, a Bay Area story artist whose time is spent either at my desk or any decent coffeehouse. I graduated from Cogswell polytechnical colledge in 2017 with a B.A in Entertainment Design. Aside from art and coffee, I love to cook (food, am I right?).


Rita Arguelles- story boarder

I´m very passionate about my work, I adore animation and telling stories through this medium, I work well in teams and I´m always looking for ways to get better at my craft and as a person.


victoria dray- character designer/concept artist

Young animator/ character designer live in Bakersfield California. Just finished 2 years of military service in Israel, where I served as an animator in the filming unit of the Israeli Air Force. There I had an experience with a verity of programs like: Maya, 3DS Max, After Effects, Photoshop and also rendering in V-ray, mental-ray and more. I worked as a 3d animator, VFX artist, designer and motion graphics animator. In addition, made special effects for several movies for the military and private projects, including special effects for music clip "Tipsy by Albert".

Yolanda Paños.jpg

Yolanda Paños- character designer

Yolanda Paños is an illustrator and animator from Valencia.She studied Fine Arts in the Polytechnic University of Valencia to later continue her training in 3D animation and different workshops related to this field. Currently, she's dedicated to illustrating books and children's stories while doing different jobs as a freelance for individuals and companies.