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With competition growing, surviving as an artist has never been more difficult. Especially for students or recent graduates, many institutions require several years of experience or significant distinguished accomplishments to even get your foot in the door. While there are many sites that offer you the ability to create a profile and interact with other artists and creative minds such as Artstation or Behance, we focus specifically on targeting artists, musicians, animators, coders, and designers entering the industry, and providing a space to create animated films, apps, games, or albums. These experiences not only add to your resume, but provide a meaningful opportunity to collaborate with like minded individuals. 


  • Meet and invite, or join artists from all parts of your pipeline

  • Start a 2d or 3d animated film project

  • Team up with other artists to make a music album

  • Make a computer game for PC or Mac

  • Develop a game application for Android or Apple


Google Cloud Integration For Easy Access with Group Members!


Social Media Integration and feed to interact with the community!



  • Set up a profile for accepting and organizing commissions

  • Set your rate

  • Provide examples in your portfolio

  • No fees or deductions. Keep 100% of your income

  • Offer your services to projects



  • Post your latest work to the website feed and share your talent with the community!

  • Like and comment on other people's work

  • Follow profiles you like

  • Share your work on social media

  • Link your profile to other platforms



  • Create a portfolio, displaying your talents and abilities to the community and interested potential customers and partners

  • Central customized dashboard for Animated film projects, albums, games and apps

  • In house character design, illustration and story boarding services with instant chat

  • Social media and plugin integration including Google drive for file management, Slack, and Trello for project management.


making new opportunities in the ARTS

As technology continues to advance, and the arts grow in both size and diversity, Winter Works is built to be the solution to creative collaboration and innovation! Build your profile, collaborate and build your resume and work experience, support projects and earn commissions, take the opportunities as they come and take control of your future!

realize your potential

Several years ago, three college students studying 3d animation, finance, and digital art came together and started what would become Al Winter Pictures Animation studio. Over the course of several months, those students transformed a three man operation into an international web-based animation studio, well on its way to releasing its first feature-length animated film with only a desktop computer, a tablet, pencils and paper, and a bit of imagination. After going through the long process of gathering a team, setting a goal, and putting it into action, we realized how vast the art community is, how important opportunity is in the industry, and how little of it there is to go around. With so many talented musicians, voice actors, animators, and artists in general, there should be an easier way to break through overly competitive nature and red tape of industry standards and showcase those talents to the world. And....Winter Works was born!

Our platform will serve as not just an international community of artistic minds, but a creative space with the tools and guidance necessary to bring projects, visions and collaborations to life. We as a company believe in a person's ability to forge their own path, be their own boss, and take control of their future given the proper tools and opportunity to do so. Winter Works strives to give every creative mind that choice!