Winter Education

Winter Education is a division of Al Winter Pictures dedicated to making artistic and animated educational material aimed at getting children to engage in though-provoking conversation without getting bogged down in the tiresome ‘political’ ideologies which, we believe, only serve to segment and complicate simple but critical questions in our society.

We strive to build independent thinkers and build essential learning skill with visual and animated images and videos!

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Our videos focus on historical or socially relevant topics ranging from Hitler’s conquest of Europe in the first half of the 20th century, to problems of social justice, immigration, and politics. Our method is to give children the facts then pose essential questions that they can answer with reason and understanding, creating truly independent thinkers!

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Our stars

Raj and Napoleon are the stars of our first educational series. Living together in an apartment in London, these two travel and have many experiences that children get to see and learn from. Along the way, several issues come up that are discussed through a short lesson and critical thinking questions afterwards.

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Making learning fun

Our animated format is designed to hold children’s attention and engage them as they learn about the world around them. The comical relationship between Raj and Napoleon plays off of the classic duo that characters like Scooby Doo and Shaggy have made an industry standard. Their adventures are bound to bring a few laughs, as well as pose some of the most important questions that our society faces today.