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The Clockwork King is a classic style family friendly animated film about a young woman, a natural leader, who must overcome her fears to save her people from a seemingly evil King, and a violent revolution.

Our story surrounds our main character, Victoria, who was orphaned at a young age when her parents died in protest against the government. Working in the royal palace to support the ambitions of both her rebellious partner, and the orphanage that raised her, she puts most of her own dreams aside until an unlikely and magical situation brings her in contact with the feared King.

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Then of course there's our villain, Lord Bradford. He's a greedy noble determined to control the young king and his kingdom. He uses violence and strict curfews to keep the people in line, and blames it all on King Albert who was infamously nicknamed by the people, the Clockwork King. The king was cursed by the ancient spirits of the land for allowing the continued enslavement of his people by the greedy nobles. Until he frees them and gains their forgiveness, at every stroke of midnight, he will age until he dies. If he does, Bradford will no doubt rule the kingdom unchallenged.


Through a series of surprising (and sometimes goofy) situations throughout their budding relationship, Victoria proves herself a more than formidable equal to the stubborn king, and exposes him to life beyond his luxurious but isolated palace. The king in return, breaks with thousands of years of tradition and shows her royal life and provides her opportunities to introduce new laws and change the way things are in the kingdom. 

She must find the strength to fight for her own future, free her people, and save the king from himself before the curse strikes him down, or a violent revolution brings down both him and the monarchy!

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