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We are a web based animation studio, which enables us to take on several artists from around the world! We have worked with freelancers, college students, and industry professionals and utilized their unique skills for our projects. We are also dedicated to supporting educational institutions and students of the arts. If you are a student studying 3D modeling, animation, VFX, concept art/story boarding or rendering, we do accept student volunteers for our projects to gain work experience and work with our knowledgeable staff.

If you are interested in working with our studio, either as a freelancer or as a volunteer, feel free to contact us directly by filling out the forms for the positions we have available, or send us an email at alwinterpictures@gmail.com!

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Depending on where we are on our project, we may not have every position we hire for available above. If you would like to work with our company, but do not see your position listed above, feel free to fill out an application below, so that when your position opens up, we’ll reach out to you immediately!

Our Current Projects

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original animated films

Our studio is producing several original animated films that are currently in development, or are entering pre-production. These films include both 2d and 3d animation!




instagram/social media stories

In a new imitative by our story and screenwriting department and marketing department, the studio is looking to create short 2d and storyboard stories for our social media feed as a new concept to storytelling! 



winter works artists

With our new site, Winter Works set to launch on the 1st of October, we will be needing illustrators, character designers and story boarders to work for the company in fulfilling our package services for creators on the site. This would include being able to receive an idea from our clients and bringing that idea to life!