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About us

We are a web-based startup animation studio in northern NJ. Inspired by the myths, legends, and fairy tales of previous generations, our goal is to bring new magic to the screen! With contemporary, but classic style original fairy tales and industry standard animation and VFX technology, we strive to breath new life into children's stories that will be both moving and fun for the whole family!

Our vision

We have been able to witness the rebirth and revival of some of the greatest stories of our time. Characters have been rewritten and changed to keep up with changes in society, and address the needs of the next generation of children.

Our studio was born out of the idea that every generation has had their voice heard through the stories they've told, we believe in giving a voice to next generations to come through our stories. We have observed a massive shift in society over the past several years, from boosts in social inclusion and huge breakthroughs in women's rights.

Al Winter Pictures seeks to capture the spirit of these times and reveal the magic that appears in the most unexpected of places, aspects of which we often overlook. The emotional development of our children is one of the most important responsibilities of our society, and our company seeks to play an active role in supporting our viewers and their families by telling stories that are meaningful to them.

Follow our progress!

We post several times a week to our Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon pages to keep you involved and engaged with our studio and our animation process!