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What makes us different?

The Winter Company is a multi-divisional media company based in animation, that seeks to support and expand both the artistic community, and society through creating meaningful, emotional, and educationally supplemental content for our viewers and generating new opportunities for creatives around the world!

Our Corporate Structure

The Winter Company

All of our animation divisions fall under the umbrella of the Winter Company, which serves as the parent company and senior administrative board for all employees and projects.

Al Winter Pictures

The main animation studio, Al Winter Pictures, focuses on bringing our feature-length animated films and series in both 2d and 3d to life, combining the art of story telling and the technical mastery of animation to bring a truly magical experience for our viewers!

Winter Social Media Network (WSMN)

Using the amazing new distribution and communication that social media now provides us, the Winter Social Media Network is a new innovation of the Winter Company, bringing original content to our social media feeds on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis to connect with and inspire our viewers!

Winter Education

Touching on some of the more sensitive and complicated topics in our society, the WSMN Education edition strives to create art and animation that removes the drama and partisan rhetoric from important issues, so that children can understand and learn to be critical and independent thinkers!

The Winter works Factory

The Winter Works web platform serves as not just an international community of artistic minds, but a creative space with the tools and guidance necessary to bring projects, visions and collaborations to life. We as a company believe in a person's ability to forge their own path, be their own boss, and take control of their future given the proper tools and opportunity to do so. Winter Works strives to give every creative mind that choice!